Just WAIT til I think of something clever. THEN YOU'LL SEE


Ryan Penguin, Canadian

This guy

I really didn’t expect to start my day by shitting my pants in laughter. The office doesn’t seem terribly pleased either.



90s children, this was da bomb. BOO YA

Flood of nostalgia GOOOOOO

Original site,


Funny for your eyeballs

I shall now always refer to it as such.

I do have friends! I swear!...thats why I'm on the internet...at night...every night


VH1 Reality Show Bus Crashes In California Causing Major Slut Spill

Ah, tragic

Woman-spit IS delicious

Thanks to the funny folks over at basicinstructions.net

Mr. Haberny, my new god

You, sir, are a god amongst men. Thank you for giving me easily the most awesome thing I've seen today.