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Tom Hanks is a Lot of Animals

See, this is why I fucking LOVE the internet. Bored people with an endless public medium come up with the craziest shit. Like this ‘meme’ (is it? I DONT KNOW WHY DO YOU ASK SO MANY QUESTIONS) that involves pasting Tom Hanks face on various animals.

And I think its brilliant

Tom Hanks is a Lot of Animals
Here’s a few of my favorites:


Happy Funtime Alphabet, or why I check the closets before going to bed

‘And now I know my ABCs, next time won’t you warn me so I don’t have to sleep with the light on’. Seriously, I need this published and bound – can’t imagine any child would forget the alphabet after a good read through of this at midnight during a thunderstorm.

Artist ‘Jared Hindman’ brings us these wonderfully prepared and hauntingly worded childrens rhymes.

A preview of the horror within:

The full monty

Pee Wee Herman gets drunk – also, awesome

It may be shitting on my childhood, but fuck it.

Massive Denny’s Halloween fight

Apparently this took place in East Oakland.

I , too, am not a big fan of Denny’s…but I’m not sure I’d go to these lengths.

The Japanese are fucking weird (NSFW)

Ryan Penguin, Canadian

This guy

I really didn’t expect to start my day by shitting my pants in laughter. The office doesn’t seem terribly pleased either.


Old Spice Guy spoof, also, get crunk on reading

With remarkable production values.

And…kinda funny

And while your at it, read a book read a book read A MOTHAFUCKIN BOOK



I don't know WHO made this or how to react. But for some reason it just screams OMGWTFBBQ

Google ‘241543903’

WTF, Internet?

Strangest meme yet

90s children, this was da bomb. BOO YA

Flood of nostalgia GOOOOOO

Original site,