Just WAIT til I think of something clever. THEN YOU'LL SEE

I’ve heard of Thunder Thighs…but this?

Comic is unrelated, but fucking hilarious. Love channelATE

So I’m stumbling around wikipedia and I discover this…gem


Magnolia Thunderpussy (c. 1940 – 15 May 1996), born Patricia Donna Mallon was a San Francisco burlesque performer, radio personality, filmmaker and restaurateur. […]and erotic desserts such as “The Montana Banana”, which was an unsplit banana, representing a phallus, served “erect” in a food service “boat” with two scoops of ice cream, representing the other components of male genitalia, with shredded coconut, representing pubic hair, and a small dollop of whipped cream at the end of the banana.”

I wish only that I’d known you, Madam Thunderpussy. You’ve forever changed my typically distant approach to desserts, and I will most certainly never look at a banana split the same way.

RIP, you wonderful woman you.


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